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A trademark may be in the form of words, letters, or images or a combination of such elements in one or several colours.

1. General Information:

Under Cambodia Trademark Law, one application can cover only one trademark in one class of goods or service. In order to file a trademark application in Cambodia, the applicant must provide with information about the first registration in another country. If the trademark has never been filed/registered in another countries, the applicant must declare the "intention of use" in the application. Priority right can be claimed in accordance with the Paris Convention.

After filing, the application shall be examined as to form. The substantive examination is conducted to identify any prior registered mark which are identical with or similar to the claimed mark. It may take about 3-4 months to obtain a Certificate of Trademark Registration.

2. Document required:

- A notarized Power of Attorney from the applicant;

- 20 specimens of the mark to be registered;

- A copy of the priority document if claiming priority rights under the Paris Convention;

3. Information required:

- Full name, address, nationality of the applicant;

- List of goods/services covered by the claimed mark and respective international class(es);

- Information of the first registration of the mark in another country, including registration number, filing date and the country of the first registration. In case the mark has never been registered in any country, the statement "For Intention of first Use in Cambodia" must be declared in the application.

4. Duration of Protection and Renewal:

A registration is valid for ten years from the filing date of the trademark application with possibility to be renewed for successive times, each of 10 years. Late renewal is allowed within the 6 month period after the expiration date of the registration upon payment of an additional fee. If the renewal is not made within the above-specified period, the registered mark shall be cancelled.

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