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A trademark may be in the form of words, letters, or images or a combination of such elements in one or several colours.

1. Examination Duration

According to Vietnam trademark regulations, trademark application shall have to undergo two stages of examination. The first stage is formality, which lasts for three (3) months and the second one is substantive, which lasts for nine (9) months from the date that application is accepted to be legitimate.

2. Validity term of protection and renewal

The validity term of trademark registration is 10 years from the filing date of the application. The term is renewable for successive times, each of 10 years.

3. Required Information and Documents for Registration

- Information:

- Full name and address of the applicant;

- List of goods/services covered by the claimed mark and respective international class(es);

- Colors of the trademark to be claimed;

- Translation of the word mark into English, if the mark is in a language other than English or French; mark with wording other than in Roman characters should be accompanied with phonetic transcription/transliteration and identification of the language used

- Convention Priority Data (Application No.; Filing date; Country), if any.

- Documents

For filing trademark application, the following documents are required:

- A Power of Attorney;

- 20 Trademark specimens with the size not larger than 8x8 cm;

- A Certified copy of priority document if claiming priority right under the Paris Convention

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